A really slutty girl that wears clothes she shouldn't and walks down the block likes shes the hottest girl on the planet.
Hey Rudi did you see that girl walking over on Park Ave? Yeah dude shes gross, her fat ass was hanging out of her pants; what a boulevard tramp!
by MattyG82 June 4, 2009
"he was a cruiser of the chocolate boulevard"
by cheesypeanut October 18, 2003
A highway,otherwise knows as Roosevelt Blvd or Route 1,that runs through the Philadelphia area that is sometimes confusing and also seems to attract utterly disgusting drivers.
I've got to drive grossevelt boulevard tomorrow
by JoeNJ2 April 6, 2011
The act of dropping a massive shit on your girlfriend's chest and then pressing your hands in it like your famous.
My girlfriend felt special when she had my handprints on her chest from the Hollywood Boulevard I left last night.
by sekwencer February 24, 2008
A street located in Colorado Springs that is the home to ricers and true motorsport enthusiasts. Academy blvd. is a place where every weekend you are afforded the opportunity to see amateur dragsters race from light to light and avoid cops. It is also a unique place for racing since it is at an altitude of about 6000 ft above sea-level, which leaves engines gasping for air; thus if you are fast on Academy, you're really fast anywhere else.
Dude, it's saturday night, lets hit up Academy Boulevard that supra is out and i wanna watch a civic blow up.
by ricekiller101 September 1, 2010
Street cred/mental toughness when dealing with G's and local toughs in the hood.
Ya Man was talking mad craziness to me! I had to prove my Boulevard Hard by pullin' my Strap and showing who's Boss!
by Terry Bad Ice January 12, 2018
the toughest streets in minneapolis. every house has a front porch where you can see black people drinking 40 ouncers of smoking at any time of day. where nfl players terrell suggs and larry fitzgerald hail from
by beet nuts March 28, 2005