One who is looking for love or a relationship and can't seem to find one.
Life is always hard for the Belle Of The Boulevard. -Dashboard Confessional
by czills March 16, 2010
Bell Boulevard is a popular street that runs through the neighborhoods of Oakland Gardens and Bayside in Queens NY. The street itself has a huge number of stores, restuarants, and clubs in Bayside. The Q31 and Q13 buses serve significant portions of Bell Boulevard.
Bell Boulevard is a very busy street at night.
by NYC Metalhead August 28, 2006
To cruise and chill with your eses
-Hey yo Smiley, what u doin 2nite
-I dunno ese, u wanna hit da boulevard nights
-Simon vato, lets bounce
by DLOC October 4, 2006
To say something that is bizarre or don't make sense.
Mane Mane: I be trippin with that big 40 cause she don't know the definition of a lick.

Boo Boo: Nigga you rollin on sideways boulevard!
by bigblack365 March 30, 2009
Essentially a ghetto version of Queens Boulevard. Picture Queens Boulevard without all the stores or the mall, replace them with projects, run down tenements with graffiti, and empty lots, and you have Linden Boulevard. Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn runs through some of the worst neighborhoods in New York City, such as East New York. Linden Boulevard also goes to Queens, but its not a bad or major street in Queens, as it is in Brooklyn.
Linden Boulevard is even more dangerous then Queens Boulevard
by NYC Metalhead June 21, 2006
Northeast Philadelphia's finest raceway. 45 mph is the speed limit, but cars go way past that. Expect to get killed if you try to cross the street.
Guy 1: "Yo, I just saw a drunk driver go the wrong way on Roosevelt Boulevard and they almost destroyed that other car."

Guy 2: "No surprises on Roosevelt Boulevard."
by A$$kicka December 16, 2013
Linden Boulevard is located within the East NY section of Brooklyn....
"Linden Bully......"
by KeyserNitro April 7, 2005