To Vanilla Boulevard:
The action of randomly start vibing and jamming in an unusual place, often while wearing baggy clothes and weird shades.
"YO mate, are those guy in piazza primo Vanilla Boulevarding?" "yep! they are"


"Hey orango, what if we vanilla boulevarded right now?”
Orango: “fuck yeah, why not?”
by Vanilla Boulevard May 11, 2021
commonly referred to as the "Boulevard of Death" or "The Boulevard of Broken Bones"

Old people who can't get across fast enough get run over all the time.
"Be sure to look both ways when crossing Queens Boulevard. It's over 10 lanes wide. It's a human bowling alley."
by Don't Call My Pussy A Taco December 9, 2008
Queenz child: Mom. I almost comitted suicide today.
Queenz Mother: HOW???
Queenz Child: I crossed Queens boulevard today. (wimper)
Queenz Mother: O my dear god! (she faints)
by queenz chick June 14, 2004
This definition dating from the jazz age is a house on the major street where all the action is. People living there would near fine restaurants, live music and nightclubs. Out your window you would see people wearing their sunday best as they walked down the boulevard.
Life was never better than when we lived at the boulevard house.

One thing I miss about the boulevard house is looking out the window and seeing all those people dressed to the nines.
by Joe Iron February 23, 2008
A major boulevard in Queens NY and also its longest. Northern Boulevard is over 12 miles long in Queens, starting of at Queens Boulevard in Long Island City and going all the way to Nassau County. Mostly a 4 lane boulevard throughout its entire stretch, with alot of traffic lights and stores through most of the neighborhoods it cuts through.
Route 25A is Northern Boulevard.
by NYC Metalhead June 24, 2006
sexual term for a womans anus

see also cadburys corridor

nb. cadburys and bournville are both british chocolate confectionary products
“she let me stick it up bournville boulevard last night”

“do reckon she takes it up bournville boulevard?”
by uncle salty May 11, 2004
Queens Boulevard, also known as the "Boulevard of Death" to native Queens residents, is a VERY wide, multi-lane stretch of road that's essentially a super-highway but with street lights and normal intersections. It's split into 4 larger lanes with three lanes each, with island dividers for those bold enough to cross. Unfortunate pedestrians who attempt to cross the entirety of the Boulevard of Death in one fell swoop will most likely be seeing an onslaught of cars and other commercial traffic coming their way by the time they step off the third island divider. The boulevard itself is a main commercial area itself, with many small stores, shopping centers and a mall all within a 5-mile radius.

The Queens Boulevard Line of the MTA New York City Subway also runs under this massive freeway, with four major subway lines running both local and express.
Queens Boulevard. Great shopping locale, but bad for your health if crossing is required!
by TheSpectacularOne January 10, 2011