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"The Boofer Boy's are a hardcore White Water Kayaking splinter group formed from within the largest Canoe/Kayak club based in Liverpool uk.
The sole purpose of the group is to Boof the fuck out of any rapid, drop or similar feature on as many of the planets most extreme and challeging white water rivers as possible.
Due to the group participating in many extremely dangerous white water descents "members" are selected via a tough slection process that is always overseen by both of the groups co founders

The Boofer Boys founders are two highly talented, good looking individuals that have reached near Kaiser Soze status within the greater kayaking community.
Child talking to parent after witnessing the Boofer Boy's in action. "Mom........I wish I was a Boofer Boy they're the greatest!!!!... they've just boofed the fuck out of all them grade 5 drops"...."Mom""don't worry son one day you'll get there just keep practicing that paddling"
by theboofingkayaker May 19, 2011
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