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A brand new gang in north arlington new jersey.Formed by DRK and DGK.Every member must have their racial name input,like DRK stands for Dat Roman Kid and DGK,in this matter,stands for Dat German Kid.It has been made by the two RingLeaders that every member must be tough and Army Trained.The crew must be ready to go to war with rival city Lyndhurst.The Base Of Operations for this gang is the NA Church Area which contains,in the front,a catholic church,behind that,a catholic school for Recon Missions on top,a training field for basic combative training and the main hideout base for war planning and misson planning.This small crew is required to be tough and strong,no weak,nerdy or faggety people join you must confront DRK ONLY!!!this gang has been formed out and made out from the Bloodz gang,this crew doesnt take anyones shit!The name Black Saberz was made for a reason...the members are fast,tough,strong and sharp fighters...just like The Ancient Saber Tooth Cat.
"Man did you see the newly formed gang the Black Saberz??"
by Lil Roman Kid June 24, 2009
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