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It is a common misconception that the Binghamton 40 refers to the malt liquor color of the Susquehanna. In reality, the Binghamton 40 refers to the weight that many gain living and partying in Binghamton. Drinking is a common pastime in this depressed Broome County location. Majority of the social scene in Binghamton consists of drinking or doing drugs. Because many refuse to indulge in the great weight loss drugs such as heroin and meth they instead smoke marijuana and cruise the 24/7 Wegmans overeating and hating themselves just as much as they would if they had indulged in the so called “not even once” substances. Many friendships and romantic relationships dissolve because of the unhealthy habits that Binghamton promotes. The weight gain often goes unnoticed until these superficial friend groups dissipate because friends that cope together pack on the pounds together.
Wow, even with the Binghamton 40 people in this town think I’m Kate Moss, but the second I go to the city I’m practically morbidly obese.
by TheFatterOutofTownie June 04, 2018
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