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When you're eating a bag of cheetos and you wait until you have eaten all of the cheetos to lick your fingers.
Libby: Woah! Why do you have so much cheeto dust on your fingers?
Haley: I'm waiting for the big lick at the end.
by Thebiglicker December 06, 2016
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An abusive, cruel, inhumane equine activity where Tennessee Walking horses are forced to perform an unnatural gait. This gait is a walk with extremely exaggerated steps. The horse picks its hooves up very high each time it steps. This is achieved by applying up to five different chemicals to the fetlock area and distressing the skin, causing permanent damage. The trainer then ties cement shoes to the horse's hooves, weighing them down so that whenever the animal takes a step, it throws up its leg in pain. Bandages are applied over the chemicals to make sure they seep into the horse's skin. Huge chains are wrapped around the fetlocks. The poor horse goes through excruciating pain to entertain the masses. The damage done to their hooves makes it near impossible to stand up after lying down, which frustrates the unforgiving trainer, causing them to whip and beat the innocent, beautiful creature until it stands. Sometimes, the hooves affected by the weights and chemicals fall off of the leg. The Big Lick is a horrid, harsh thing that is illegal, yet still goes on.
Person 1: Are you planning to go see The Big Lick?
Person 2: Are you insane?! Of course not! That is a horrible equine activity. Not to mention, it's illegal!
Person 1: Oh goodness, I never realized what a devastatingly terrible thing The Big Lick is! I'll never go to it ever again!
by Crazy horse lady 23 June 17, 2013
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