The largest portion of a man's ejaculate when seen from above. Usually accompanied by other drops known as the little islands. It is called the big island due to its visual similarities to the Hawaiian Islands. When a man ejaculates onto a woman's body, face, or other nearby linens the final product will almost always resemble the Hawaiian Islands.
Wow last night was awesome, when I finished I put the big island right on her face.

Sweetie, do you want the big island on your face or your chest?

That chick is hot, I'd drop the big island right on her face.

Wow she needs the big island right now!
by ConeCrewCarl February 5, 2010
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Big Island - A common term for the Island of Hawai'i seeing that it is the biggest island in the Hawaiian Island chain. (Usually used by the natives.)
Kanaka1:Ho bra, where u was?
Kanaka2:I when go to da Big Island cuz my friend when go get marry to one haole chick.
by Kilohana April 27, 2007
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A wide man wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Also known as Honolulu
Is big island passed out on the settee?

Has anyone seen big island today?

Big island got fucked last night.
by Bigisland69 December 22, 2020
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An Island in the heart of Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, known for being the college person hangout on sunny, summer, Saturdays. On a nice day there are around 3,000 beautiful girls and guys aging between 18-25...drinking... It is also the place to be for the 4th of July where 10,000+ people are playing floating beer pong, or doing beer bongs. It is quite possibly the most amazing place in the world on the America's birthday.
Minnetonka resident: You goin to Big today?
Another resident: Ya, I'm goin to big island I've got two cases, two bottles and 10 girls in bikinis, and I cant wait for the fourth...
by BIGIsland December 1, 2007
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a place on the dream smp made by skeppy and Badboyhalo so bbh could teach skeppy more “survival skills”
by layaakasomeone March 26, 2021
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