After sensual foreplay, the woman gets on her knees (like she's supposed to) and prepares to give the man oral sex. Before the throat is swabbed, the female packs an extremely large lip (chewing tobacco). This combination provides for ecstasy and a nice head buzz.
Sherdaddy: Why are there all these empty waterbottles on your bed?
Steven: Kaity's coming over later, she's going to give me The Big Dipper.
by adamthejew December 6, 2009
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Full definition:

Most commonly known as an astronomical configuration of stars, the big
dipper shares a same level of amazement as well as shear power. Extensive testing and experimentation began early in 2008 by two amateur visionaries native to the San Diego region. With hopes to bring change to a seemingly poor state of sexual culture, these two patriarchs have become fondly known as "The Fathers of Fulfillment."

One might refer to this tantalizing activity as the more attractive older brother to the all too familiar "Tea Bag." Much like Tea Bagging--this activity is not for the faint of heart, nor the orally disadvantaged. The recipient in hopes to be "dipped" will lie on his or her back, with mouth agape. The bearer will then position himself above the other, sure to have removed all lower garments, and will slowly begin to lower himself being mindful to align his penis and testicles to the target mouth.

Now keep in mind, the man must remain calm, so as not disrupt the delivery. Things could get "messy" if one looses his flaccidity. And as for the recipient, a little help is not frowned upon, a simple guiding hand will surely relieve some of the pressure off of the already anxious performer.

Okay, now lets get down to business; the completion. Once you are properly aligned, it is now safe to initiate drop sequence. It is completely up to the dipper how much force is used when entering the said mouth. Assuming there has been verbal agreement, so as not to surprise the recipient and therefore prevent possible clamping.
Now place the entirety of your genitalia into the mouth, get comfortable, and enjoy "THE BIG DIPPER."

Short Definition:

When a man dips his dick and balls into his partner's mouth.
"Hey Rafael,
did you get a BJ last night!?"
"No man, better!
I got The Big Dipper!!!"
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1. in America it's a prominent star formation in the Northern sky that is part of the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear. In the UK this is called the Plough or Charles' Wain.

2. in the UK, a big dipper is what Americans call a rollercoaster.

1. Look! That meteor streaked out from the Big Dipper.

2. In the Peter Gabriel hit "Sledgehammer" he says ... you can have a big dipper/going up and down, around the bends/you can have a bumper car, bumping/it's the thrill that never ends...
by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 21, 2007
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A man whose penis is so long that when he takes a shit, his penis dips into the toilet water.
When that guy's cheeks hit the seat, his big dipper gets wet.
by Who Gave Mankind Beer? January 14, 2010
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SImply it is one who dips a lot. This can take on a lot of forms. Examples include, but are not limited to, someone who uses chewing tobacco frequently, or someone who likes to dip a lot while dancing or "grinding" with a member of the opposite sex.
Paul threw in a huge chawski last night. He is such a big dipper!

Wow did you see how many times he dipped on that chick during "Get Low." What a big dipper!
by Sahit February 10, 2008
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When your penis is so long, it dips into the toilet water when you take a shit.
Hey did you see John's big dipper?! It almost got flushed!
by Zlegand February 21, 2015
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