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When a male is being ridden by a female and the male cums first. The female gets so angry that she pins the male down and shakes the semen out of her vagina onto the males chest. It is named so because it looks like a St. Bernard is slobbering all over the males chest when it happens.
Andy: So how did it go last night man?
Billy: Not so good, I came first and she gave me The Beethoven
by Southbound Soul May 31, 2014
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The Beethoven is where a guy is about to bust on a girls face but then slaps her in the face and while her head is turned he busts in her ear.
Wolfgang: Hey Luddy, what did you last night?

Ludwig: Dude, I totally gave Olga the Beethoven last night. She lost all of her hearing in her left ear!
by lightninglegs October 17, 2011
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