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A long forgotten battle during the civil war when Williamston citizens, led by honorary war veteran Mitch Lutzke, defeated the Canadian forces who were led by their chief and commander Jim Carrey. The Battle of Williamston effected the town in many ways. One thing that citizens were forced to do was to tear up the trolley lines running by Williamston due to the fear of invasion by the trolleys. Also citizens were forced to move their train depot to the local raod to prevent Canadians from arriving by the trains. During the battle, Williamston war veteran Mitch Lutzke was captured by Canadian forces and struck i the head with the butt of a gun. The blow was so powerful that it caused Mitch to lose his memory. Williamston citizens could not find their hero and because Mitch never told the citizens his name many didn't know him. They decided to make a memorial statue of him. They created a statue of a soldier and gave him the random name of Eli P. Alexander. The memorial was placed in front of the city hall and is still there today. Once the war was over the Canadians let him go. Since Mitch lost his memory he didn't know what to do but the one thing he remembered was a town called Williamston. He returned to Williamston several years later where everyone had forgotten him.
by Eli P. Alexander October 20, 2016
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A long forgotten battle during the civil war, in which the citizens of Williamston, MI were forced to fight against Canadian forces from the North. Williamston's residents fought valiantly, suffering only 2 casualties, while inducing over 2,000 deaths on the Canadian side. The Williamston citizens were lead by honored war veteran, Mitch Lutzke. The Canadian side was led by famous actor, Jim Carey.
Person 1 : "Hey, have you ever heard of 'The Battle of Williamston'?"
Person 2 : "No"
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by civilwarlover123 September 19, 2016
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