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The period between October 2012 - Ongoing where Rangers F.C. ceased to exist and the inanimate corpse known as Sevco Ltd has risen from their shallow grave. During this time the club has faced public humiliation on and off the park being the whipping boys of the superior Celtic FC. However, in this pit of misery has come a small glimmer of comedic value. The Banter Years.
Tom Miller: (Applying Blue Tinted Goggles) .. Rangers dominating the game here, all one sided, into these dirty fenia..
Hugh Burns: Wits the Goalie Dain Tom!!!!
*Delightful chip by Moussa Dembele lands in the Rangers goal*
Tom Miller: (Distorted Muffling) Typical... What a goal though. Would appreciate if you didn't help fuel the Banter Years here Hugh ffs this will go viral.
by Terry Munro May 27, 2018
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