The act of shaving your partner's hair during sex and shoving it up the rectum and shitting it out.
Me and my girlfriend were doing the bald eagle and it was great, but now my ass itches
by Jonjohanjenkenheimershmidt September 06, 2015
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The new age of combover where males who are balding attempt to cover up this fact by using any remaing hairs to create a faux hawk.
Dude look at that guy with The Bald Eagle.
Lame, he should srsly invest in a hat.
by danton2015 April 21, 2011
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Not only our Nation's bird, but also the nickname for a woman's well-groomed undercarriage. God Bless them all.
Was that chick you went down on hairy?

"No man, she had a bald eagle!"

Right on!
by Uncle ZShar January 24, 2011
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Someone who desires to remove their pubic hair either for self gratification or simply insanity.
Damn, That Garrett is a bald eagle!
by captain chump June 27, 2004
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The act of shaving your pubes then jumping at a womans face in an attempt to land your penis in her mouth.
Dude#1: Hey, last night I bald eagled my girlfriend.
Dude#2: You shouldve put that on youtube!!!

Boyfriend: Bald eagle motha fucka!!!! *jumps in the air.
Girlfriend: What? *turns around and ends up with a penis in her mouth.
by Tocen November 07, 2009
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A term derived from the Goodyear Eagle brand of that refers to bald and unsafe tires on a vehicle that can potentially cause hydroplaning, terminal understeer and blowouts.
Tax refund time, better get those bald eagles replaced on my car.

Hell yea she had a blowout!!! Ridin on bald eagles because she spent all her money on that damn iPhone.
by Pierre II September 04, 2013
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1. A man fifteen-plus years older than the woman he is hitting on, dating, or married to.

2. Man who likes a woman not born in the same decade as him.

3. Classy term for older men who like younger women.
Harry was a regular bald eagle. In a pack college coeds he'd dive in and carry off the prettiest, youngest girl.

With his bad back? How does he lift em?

Shut up James.
by Malloy Ahoy July 09, 2013
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