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The sexual maneuver which involves 12 tubs of cream cheese and 6 American Ninja Bitches. Females line up with two tubs of cream cheese each and dip their breasts into the cream cheese as the male licks their titties like an all you can eat bagel buffet until all the cream cheese is finished. He then finishes by jizzing a 98% cream cheese semen mixture into all six of the females.
Kyle hates vanilla sex. His favorite move is the Bakers Dozen.

Mr. Baker pulled a bakers dozen in the kindergarten class.
by Thehoodedwarrior November 28, 2016
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a sexual position made famous by a "Mr Baker" in which one inserts both fists, their cock and and both big toes in to a girl at the same time.
Adrienne couldn't her face in public for weeks after the pictures of her getting The Baker's Dozen surfaced on the internet!
by benjaminbaker April 02, 2007
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