The sexual maneuver which involves 12 tubs of cream cheese and 6 American Ninja Bitches. Females line up with two tubs of cream cheese each and dip their breasts into the cream cheese as the male licks their titties like an all you can eat bagel buffet until all the cream cheese is finished. He then finishes by jizzing a 98% cream cheese semen mixture into all six of the females.
Kyle hates vanilla sex. His favorite move is the Bakers Dozen.

Mr. Baker pulled a bakers dozen in the kindergarten class.
by Thehoodedwarrior November 28, 2016
In the Medieval Ages there was a period when bakers began cheating the public at such a rate that public outcry reached the ears of several kings. As bread was a daily staple of Medieval life, the bakers knew that they could charge a lot of money for minimal portions of their products. As such, kings levied laws against bakers stating that they were to lower their pricesand keep honest. In fact the common term "A Baker's Dozen" (meaning 13 instead of 12) came from this time period. Any baker caught selling less than an even dozen was strictly and harshly punished. As a result bakers began adding one extra loaf to be certain their count would be correct or even over the amount decreed by law.
How many donuts would you like?
A baker's dozen, please.
by allygat-urr April 17, 2005
A Bakers Dozen is 13 of something. 12 is a dozen, but because bakers used to have extra dough left over after baking a dozen loaves of bread, they gathered it up to make one more!
Man: Woah man you've got so many cookies, give me some!
Man2: No way, dude! I only have a bakers dozen!
by TheSillySausage May 26, 2016
Sexual intercourse involving 12 men and one girl which includes fucking her vagina, ass, mouth, tits, hands, chin , feet and back of the knees. At the end she should be sprayed with a fountain of cum causing her to drown.
by John2493 February 10, 2010
A Bakers Dozen is a recent Marine Corps tradition in which 13 people evacuate their bowels into one toilet consecutively without flushing. Can be a highly effective corrective measure, but isn't always done for any particular reason. As all things in the Marine Corps, the Bakers Dozen must be executed with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and attention to detail.
SGT: "Give me 3 bodies!"
*3 PFCs jump up"
SGT: "Go grab a shovel out of the supply closet and head to second deck, room 215."
PFC: "What do you want us to do with a shovel on second deck, SGT?"
SGT: "Another Bakers Dozen, the 3rd fucking one this month. Expect to hear it from Gunny during the brief tomorrow..."
by Alvin J Yakitori June 16, 2013