When you say you're going to pull out but you never do.
This girl told me she wasn't on the pill so I had to pull out. When the time came I said forget that and gave her The Baghdad.
by TheBaghdad August 15, 2008
the belief that the Baghdadi people inherently superior to other iraqis and that Baghdadis should have control over people of other cities of iraq.

The real Baghdadi "Big Lie" is the long-held belief that all Baghdadis are always harmless and good and all people from southern cities especially ”Basra, Thi Qar, Misan” are dangerous, evil and uneducated.

That has conditioned Baghdadis to think they're always right, no matter how stupid the belief.
A: I've studied this in school, it's also related to my work which means I have a wide experience in doing it.
A: I can smell Baghdadism coming out your mouth trying 2 be the right kid in here but trust me you ain't nothing but a douche.
by Hawraa December 31, 2022
When there is talk of pulling out but it never actually happens
I had to take the morning after pill 45693 times because my ex-boyfriend Baghdaded me so many times.

She wanted me to pull out, but I Baghdaded that ho.
by kittykatbackscratch January 19, 2009
When you promise to pull out and don't.
She ended up pregnant because he pulled a Baghdad.
by bigj513 November 30, 2009
1. capital of Iraq

2. a term used to describe a game similar to beirut, where vodka is used in place of beer. name alludes to war going on in Iraq at the beginning of the 21st century, as the game has a high risk of sending participants to a local hospital. term coined by a comedian whom this author cannot remember the name of at the moment.
1. Yeah, I was in Baghdad, and I totally kicked the crap out of Saddam.

2. Was I playing a game of baghdad last night? 'Cause I can't remember, yo.
A three point shift to the right version of "on a scale of one to ten" when describing US females seen during military deployment in Iraq. Similar to beer goggles but to a lesser extent.
I wouldn't try to hook up with her back home, but she is definitely Baghdadable.
by G Skwared June 22, 2008
During the act of sex, talking about pulling out but never actually doing it.
I promise I will. Don't worry. OOPS! Baghdad.
by Prowlerr March 5, 2011