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Noun: Origin- working class America, 1998- A man who was sweating profusely during work one day and refused to take a break. This upset his coworker so badly, he yelled at him "YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU SMELL LIKE A BIG GREASY SLAB OF BACON. YOUR A BIG FAT BACONMAN!" The Bacon Man couldnt do anything but laugh at it! He loved it so much, he called it a day for the whole crew, and bought them beer. The BaconMan was born that day. '

He uses this name for his every day life, including all documents and such. While his License says his real name, Robert Kelley, it is signed "The Bacon Man".

The Bacon Man is a local radio DJ for a community college station, as well as an avid karaoke contest contestant throughout all of the Ma south shore, cape cod, and the islands. He also enjoys bacon as one of hsi favorite foods.

In short, "Baconman" is defined as:

1) a sweaty worker who smells like a slab of greasy bacon

2) an entertainer, performer, and cannibal
"Do you smell bacon?" (when looking around for it, The BaconMan" you find a fat sweaty guy causing that delicious aroma)
by Bacon and Leggs May 06, 2012
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