A position used during sex, the bullet as the word itself is Fired at point blank range and is commonly associated with people who have premature ejaculation. But it is also effective when very horny in which case u just SHOOT the bullet inside a woman.
Oh baby im so horny i wanna give you the BULLET...NOW

ohhh maaaan see the booty on that....she is gonna get the BULLET from behind...YESS
by Rizwan7 January 9, 2006
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when you think a song is good, most of time referred to reggae songs.
(Bob Marley-Redemption Song playing) and then the dj stops it.

Crowd: Play bak that tune again. Bullet Bullet!
by Da Raja June 4, 2009
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Being team killed in a squad-based FPS game.
"I got bulleted in the last circle...." PUBG gaymer
"Davo bulleted me at chicken wire fence twice this arvo" Tarkov Wanker
by tarkovwanker September 7, 2018
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A jamaican term for bad thing or you are doing something wrong
wow you are wack you gets the bullet bullet
by ShottaQ February 23, 2007
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A small device used for conveniently snorting cocaine
I didnt want to bust out lines on the table in front of everyone, so I took a bump from the bullet when no one was looking
by JtotheC June 15, 2003
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Attaining a position with noteworthy speed.

Originates from Billboard Magazine's practice of putting a bullet sign in front of chart entries that have moved from one position to another with notable speed.
From High Fidelity: "congratulations Laura, you made it to the top five. Number five, with a bullet, welcome.
by I Shot The Prom Queen February 5, 2006
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