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When a man engages in sexual activity in the shower and semen covers his or her toes causing the toes to appear webbed like Aquaman.
My girl is gonna be a good swimmer now that I gave her the Aquaman!!

angry pirate,blowjob,facial,money shot,skeetaquaman,semen
by A.Aviles October 22, 2012
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The act of fingering a woman's vagina so well, that their cum drips down your whole arm to your elbow. Then your other hand grabs your arm, as it is dripping wet with cum, and you then say " I am AQUAMAN!"

As seen on 40 year old virgin, except he had a condom over his arm.
Sean was telling me how he busted The Aqua-man on the girl he liked.
by Daddy-Diaz February 01, 2010
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