A sexual act similar to the lobster claw, in which 4 fingers are inserted into a vagina, while the middle finger is inserted into the asshole. The position of the hand with the middle finger up resembles that of an anteaters nose.
I gave that bitch an 'Anteater' last night while she was sleeping on her stomach.
by Jake March 19, 2005
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When your sucks your foreskin into her mouth and sticks her tongue into it.
My girlfriend pulled out my shlong and performed the anteater boudoir she gave me a beej.
by Supergenus May 31, 2015
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the part of an uncircumcized penis that looks like the mouth of an anteater - it's like a snake with a sock over it's head.
I took off this dude's pants and i saw an anteater!
by pedro-hoss April 10, 2006
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An uncircumsized penis.
The bearer of an uncircumsized penis.
Stop it you little anteater!
Damn what is that, an anteater in your pants?
by L-Town September 6, 2006
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Ant·eat·er (Ant"-eat`er), n.

An uncircumcised man.
1. Check out that guys crotch, it looks like an anteater.
by Chris March 15, 2005
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A slang term referring to an uncircumsized penis, hence its anteater-like appearance. AKA: Ante, Eater. NB: AL is the biggest eater of them all!!!
(Person 1) Al, get cut.

(Person 2) Al, you're such an eater.

(Al) Fuck you! I'm not circumsized and proud of it!
by Shaan February 14, 2004
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