A girl with The Alpha-Bitch Facade is a girl who acts like a bad-ass Online, when, realy, she's a sad little mouse in real life. She creates the illusion of being straight-foreword, brutally "honest", bitchy, snarky, fourth-right and having a take-no-prisoners kind of attitude towards anyone and everyone they don't like or agree with. Basically, she creates an Online personality that is nothing like herself in real life. Any girl using this rediculous front tends to use icons that depict aggressiveness in herself, like using the words "Alpha-Bitch" in said icons. Here is a list of REAL charictaristics a chick may have when she's put up The Alpha-Bitch Facade:
- was picked on in school.
- Continues to be bitter about being picked on in school, even though it was 10-20 years ago.
- Is easily embarrassed and therefore has allot of pent-up frustrations from ages ago.
- Tends to be chubby or all-out fat; but if they lost weight, they'll either make fun of people who still are fat or deny that they ever were fat, or both.
- Tend to be "hard core" feminists.
- Despite being a feminist, this chick seems to think all other women are either stupid or weak.
- Are sometimes accute Britishism Whores, acting allot more worldly than they actually are.
- Refuses to admit they're wrong and seem to believe everyone wants to know their opinion.
- Want to be like the character they created online, but simply don't have the balls.
- Are actually cowards.
A girl with The Alpha-Bitch Facade claims allot of shit in their Live Journals: they claim they're tougher than they really are and more oftin than not, what ever they claim they SAID in any given situation, they only THOUGHT.
If caught being a hypocrite, a girl like this will say something like, "Hey, I already admitted I'm a hypocrite and a bitch, get over it!" As if this excuses the fact that she's a hypocrite and a bitch. They tend to believe that, if they said it first, they have lisence to be that way and no one can call them on it.
Online = pissy, assertive, confident bitch.
Real World = sniveling, bitter coward.
Any chick with The Alpha-Bitch Facade would probably - no - she would definitely shit herself if she met a person on the street that she mouthed-off to Online.
Girl with The Alpha-Bitch-Facade: look, it's like this... my dog is fine most of the time, but won't tollerate other bitches on her turf. I'm the same way: I can tollerate most other women, but if another alpha female comes around, I'll rip her face off. So get out of the way you slow fat bitch!!!!

Real Person: oh, shut the fuck up, you stupid hypocrite; everyone knows you're just some bitter Trekkie. You're using The Alpha-Bitch Facade to make people think you're actually worth a shit.

Alpha-Bitch Facade: I'll say whatever the fuck I want! If I saw you on the street, I'd beat the shit out of you!

Real Person: you're in luck! I happen to know where you work and I'll be more than willing to drop by this evening and meet you in the parking lot....

Alpha-Bitch Facade:
*blubbers uncontrollably before quitting her job and moving*
by Peaseblossom85 September 23, 2006
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