FNAF (Five nights at Freddys). The man behind the slaughter known as William Afton, Its his family you may know about some of the other family members here are there names, Eggs Benedict ( the guy in the foxy mask) also known as the big brother, C.C ( the crying child) is the first to die, And Elizabeth (the girl who gets killed by Circus Baby). People also think that Ballora from Sister Location is the mother figure in the Afton family.
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William Afton - Spring trap, Scarp trap, Purple guy, Man behind the Slaughter
Death - Spring lock failure in Spring bonnie suit.

Mrs. Afton (name not released yet) - Ballora
Death - (not released yet) - Fandom Death - Car crash

Michael/Terrance Afton - Rotting man, skin suit for Animatronic Ennard and Main protagonist of FNAF 5 Sister location
Death - Scooped

Elizabeth Afton - Circus Baby and Scrap Baby

Death - grabbed to death while trying to get Ice Cream - Circus Baby Burned - Scrap Baby

C.C/ Crying Child (name not released yet) - Shadow Freddy or Golden Freddy, Main protagonist of FNAF 4
Death - frontal lobe bitten by Fred bear on birthday
Lol this is le Afton Family

I'm too lazy to type
by FNAF WEEB December 8, 2020
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