The amount of feet that is needed to social distance.
Woah, bro back up. We need to maintain a 6 feet distancr.
by Bruh6699 July 2, 2020
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1. To take a shot of alcohol directly from the bottle.
From the term *69, meaning to call back the last number.
"And just before we left we started kicking it.
I picked up the bottle and *6'd it" - Dispatch
by Barakim October 19, 2007
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"Did you know that there was actually a council of people that determined that six (6) is the straightest number?" Matt Watson
by TheEyeofEndorGamer February 13, 2018
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Derogative term for black folks, derived from the 3/5 Compromise back during slavery days.
Hide the fried chicken, here comes a .6
by The Kaiser April 13, 2004
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Dam sucka you see the rims on that 6??!!
by E-WeEzIe June 14, 2004
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