The perfect man's night time ritual.
by theChubbs29 September 25, 2008
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call 5's on a seat so no one can take it for the amount of time called 5's =5 minutes on a seat when your gone
by nate fine May 23, 2004
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Hey those are some Tight Banging 5's.
by Scrilla G. August 2, 2003
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the five things most football players do after practice. Usually done in this order. Shit, Shower, Shave, Shmashturbate, Shleep (sleep- said with accent to keep the SH pattern).
Dude, practice was so tough today I'm definitely doing the 5 S's of football tonight.
by Fredrick Soft September 2, 2010
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to claim a chair or a spot that you would like to sit in or use for a later use in 5 minutes or less. "Shoty 10's" is used for 10 minutes or less. no more then "shoty 10's" may be used!!
yo, i'll bee right back..."shoty 5's"
by the bleedenator September 10, 2005
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throw up 5’s if you get bitches
Wow they got 5’s up, they get bitches
by Wesfu May 21, 2022
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a person who throws up 5’s is the hottest person alive, has big balls, and is super duper dope and pimpin
Bri, Nat, and Faith are throwing up 5’s because they are alpha
by seemanmama September 7, 2022
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