Hueningkai, a Fairy-like angel who has an Ethereal Huening beauty. An all-rounder and the maknae of the popular & talented group, TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

EB: Ethereal Beauty; A Rare Beauty no one can ever explain, that no one can ever imagine. A beauty everyone envys & adore without even realizing it.
"Woah, is that the 4th Gen EB Boy?!"
: If you're talking about the Kai Kamal Huening, yes. You're right.
by moa na October 30, 2021
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The definition of 4th Gen it boy are Haruto and So Junghwan of treasure.
Haruto and junghwan are 4th gen it boy and future of kpop
by Anonymoussseue June 07, 2021
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Choi san is known for his awesome stage presence , his amazing voice, his gorgeous visuals & his kind heart. He’s been given title’s like “The man that will change kpop performances”.
Even if you don’t stan Ateez you know that San is the 4th gen IT boy and an icon!
by ateezceo August 05, 2021
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there is no generation for it boy , it is the only one it boy which is jimin from bts and no one can claim his title

Jimin it boy for all generations .
4th gen it boy does not exist because it boy doesn't have generations , it boy is a title for one only and they hold it for all generations.
by sthej June 12, 2021
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none other than KANG MINHEE FROM CRAVITY!!! make sure to support him and his group ❤️
person: omg i was watching a video about kpop’s 4th gen it boy

person b: omg who was it of?

person a: a minhee video of course!!
by dongpyo December 02, 2020
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Hwang Hyunjin, a member of South korean boy group "Straykids" deserves the 4th gen it boy title for his talents like singing, dancing, choreographing, drawing writing songs, he can also rap and he's a drama llama.
by spitting faxx August 18, 2021
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