This name is giving to anyone that is considered an it boy. You can call anyone this name no one cares.
Do you see him? That’s Choi San. The 4th gen it boy.
by choisan June 20, 2020
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It is Hwang Hyunjin from StrayKids. He's a singer, rapper, dancer, songwriter and many mores. He's a best boy too and STAYs are very proud of him so this is created for Hwang Hyunjin and just for Hwang Hyunjin. STAYs hope that Hyunjin know that 4th Gen Talented Boy is made just for him.
Who is 4th Gen Talented Boy?
Oh you don't know? It's absolutely Hwang Hyunjin from StrayKids!
Believe me, you will be stunned after seeing his never-ending talent
by Destiny~~ March 14, 2021
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Hwang Hyunjin from stray kids, debuting in 10# on gaon social chart making a record with the highest 4th gen make ranking and only 4th gen idol, have 14 post with over 1M likes on Instagram. begin viral in a post on Weibo about 4th gen male idols that have been receiving love and attention, most popular kpop idol since 2017, beginning in the top 3 most searched 4th gen group members, knetz choose the male visual idols optimized for trendy face, and more things that make Hyun-jin the 4th gen it boy
4th gen it boy? Hyun-jin obviously
by danielyz March 04, 2021
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a name for the one and only SO JUNGHWAN of TREASURE for his amazing talent and personality!!so junghwan most talented boy!!!go junghwan give us everything
“how is junghwan an all rounder??”
“that’s because he’s the 4th gen it boy
by junghwan October 05, 2020
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It’s Hyunjin actually, cut the fanwars
“Did you know that SKZ Hyunjin is the 4th gen it boy (real)?”
“Yea obviously, everybody knows that.”
by caca0325 July 03, 2021
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The fisherman king Lee Know!

He is an all rounder god who is also the 4th Gen Fish Boy king of the ocean
a: hey! is it true there’s a 4th Gen Fish Boy??
b: yes! the one and only Lee Know from Stray Kids
by Navile July 10, 2021
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