Hwang Hyunjin ! Hwang Hyunjin of Stray Kids has the most viewed 4th male idol fancams, is known outside of kpop because of what an It Boy he is, and he breaks the internet just by breathing. His dance is mesmerising and his visuals are one the best in the kpop industry. No matter how hard they try no one can get on his level
"Who's the It Boy of the 4th Gen It Boy in Kpop?"
"Hwang Hyunjin of Stray Kids of couse!"
by FA1RYSKZ July 30, 2021
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Hwang Hyunjin of Stray Kids. He has the most viewed 4th gen boy idol fancams, his posts reach 1 million+ likes on Instagram and even people that don't know kpop know him. He is kind and sweet and one of the best 4th visuals and dancers. He is known whether you like him or dont. He is in the group Stray Kids who are the 4th gen leaders and continue to show that through charts, the credits they have on their music and how well they are known. Hwang Hyunjin is and always will be the 4th Gen It Boy.
'Hmmm I wonder who the 4th Gen It Boy is?'
'Hwang Hyunjin of Stray Kids of course!'
by FA1RYSKZ July 31, 2021
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The term "4th gen it boy" is used to describe Hwang Hyunjin (from Stray Kids) for being the blueprint of the 4th generation kpop. He is from a group that is also can be called "4th Generation Leaders," since their accomplishments are often above of the other 4th gen groups'.
"4th gen it boy is trending on twitter again!
oh what did Hwang Hyunjin do?"
by okaykayjaksokak November 28, 2020
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4th gen it boys refers to an all rounder kpop idol. they can dance, rap, and sing. not to mention their beautiful visuals!!

or you could just say lee felix
"hey look at this 4th gen it boy!!"
by lixdays November 28, 2020
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The 4th Generation Golden Boy is the one and only Kang Taehyun from the kpop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER
"Oh look, it's the 4th gen golden boy!"
"4th generation golden boy? You mean Kang Taehyun?"
by 4TH GEN IT BOY CHOI YEONJUN November 18, 2020
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