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There are 3 parts of NY state, here they are as simple as posible...

1) "The City" - Location: The 5 bouroghs - Whats There: Extremly urban, alot of history, and pretty dirty.

2) "Long Island" - Location: Anything on the island east of Queens. - Whats There: The further west you go, the more it looks like Queens, the more east you go, the more suburban it gets. Very clean and not much crime.

3) "Upstate" - Location: Anything north of the Bronx, weather it be 10 ft or 100 miles. - Whats There: Starts out urban/suburban above the Bronx. As you go north, it becomes extremly rural with farms, mountains, hill-billys, woodstock concerts, and nuclear testing sites.
Im not against any part of NY, ive lived in all 3 locations. Its all simply the truth...
by Reggaetonist December 09, 2004
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