he did it
joe biden won 2020 election today
by wa_cool November 7, 2020
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The fight between the orange man and the dementia man. Will be the most memorable fight in the history of the world. Make sure to tell your kids and grandkids about this epic fight, for who shall remember this will be a legend
guy 1: Ayo man, remember election 2020
guy 2: yea dude! Dementia man totally kicked the orange man in the ass!
guy 1: only Ogs will remember
by Hyacinth Lit November 5, 2020
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The battle between 2 pedophiles to see who gets in office.
Person 1:Did you hear about the 2020 election? A pedophile won!

Person 2: Oh so Donald Trump won?

Person 1: Noooo!!! Joe Biden lol.
by Deltacron July 30, 2021
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A reversed engineered tequila shot meant to make you physically feel (relief from?) the year 2020 and the American Presidential election cycle.

1. Snort Salt

2. Take the tequila shot

3. Squirt the lime into your open eyes

This will help fight COVID-19 as well as give you a distraction from American politics.
Steve: Man, this year is shit

Terri: Here, take this 2020 Election Cycle shot to distract you from it all

Steve: *takes shot as intended*

Steve: *can no longer be bothered by 2020 for a moment*

Steve: Thank you but please put it in reverse, Terri
Terri: *scooters into danger*
by Pibbs18 November 3, 2020
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