an english (manchester-based) alternative rock/indie rock/electronic rock/indie pop band from Wilmslow in Cheshire. The band is made up of Matt Healy (vocals, guitar), Adam Hann (guitar), George Daniel (drums) and Ross MacDonald (bass). Pretty much the most beautiful/amazing/brilliant band around. Their music is a mixture of this-is-so-profound-and-exquisite-i-am-going-to-cry and i-am-dancing-like-a-loser-this-is-my-jam. Basically, perfection.
"This song is so freaking brilliant my heart just fell out of my ass."
"It's The 1975."
by youtookmypseudonymyouasshole November 3, 2013
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One of the most brilliant bands in the past 10 years. The amount of thought and work that goes into their look, their music, their brand is unmattched. They all play mutiple instruments, as well as write and produce their own music. The depth of this band is often overlooked by people who take things at face value, because most if not all of thier songs are satire, metaphor, or commentary. You won't get it if you're not listening closely.
A: The 1975 is basic, just a boyband singing about Chocolate and Girls and Sex.

B: You do know those are just metaphors, right?
by LittlephoenixG August 24, 2017
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Undoubtedly the defining indie band of the 2010’s - Matty Healy’s unhinged, provocative and witty lyricism coupled with his and George’s stellar production results in an inexplicable sensation of pure bliss. It’s also important to mention the brilliance of Adam’s guitar licks, and Ross’ funkadelic bass lines. In spite of the band’s undeniable excellence, they are widely misunderstood, and without close examination, Matty’s lyrics can often be seen as pretentious spiel, despite being some of the most earnest and sincere writing ever heard by humanity. Long live The 1975.
Cayden: Mate, have you heard the 1975’s new album; Being Funny in a Foreign Language?
Sam: Yes boss! It’s fucking brilliant - Happiness is honestly one of the most uplifting and beautifully composed numbers I have ever heard!
by johnnybrasco August 17, 2023
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A band that emotionaly unstable teenage girls who wear dr martens and fishnet tights listen to, or in some case 20 year old men, because they're "edgy".
"Have you listened to the 1975's new album?"

"No because Iam not that edgy"
by Lehwbwjw wh December 6, 2016
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The year Microsoft was created.
Created on April 4, 1975, by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
by Dr3658 August 17, 2023
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Code word for dildo (an object shaped like an erect penis used for sexual stimulation)
Jarrin: “I’m going to go home and ride my 1975 Huffy Beach Cruiser”

Guss: “Dude, stop telling me. No one cares
by Tyroneswaggins January 14, 2019
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