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The modern nickname for the ledgendary 11th Century Clan founded by three English rebels, known only as 'The King', 'The Queen' and 'The Joker'. The clan was initially founded as a secret gambling soceity which rebeled agaist the strict laws governing England at that time. The Clan slowly grew and gained new members as the groups activities expaned beyond minor law breaking and low level rebellion. The full extent of the groups actions are, and always will be, unknown due to the strict secrecy of the group but the group and its leaders have been linked to numerous crimes and serious acts of rebellion against Englands rulers throughout the 11th Century. This ledgendary clan has been seen as an inspiration to numerous anti-suthority groups since its dispersal at the end of the 11th Century, and factions who follow their example are believed to exist to this day.
"The "Sandwich" Clan are an example to all law breakers"
by SandwichWorshiper June 08, 2008
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