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A way to say something is perfect or just right. It can also be intesified by applying frickin' or fuckin' before tits instead of "that's"
Guy 1: This girl wants me!
Guy 2: That's tits, bro

It would be fuckin' tits if she went home with me!

by Bob's your uncle September 20, 2006
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Saying something is cool in slang
Dude have you seen my car? Yea man it's tits!
by The J man March 03, 2005
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A phrase used to describe anything cool. Because tits are cool, and anything that is cool is tits!
Also See: Cats Meow, Duck nut's, sweet awesome.
Guy 1: That was intense!
Guy 2: Did u just say that was tits?
Guy 1: No but i think we just made up a sweet new word.
Guy 2: That's Tits!
by cmoy January 15, 2009
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disapointed at a meaning,the look of a certain figure,or situation
i thought that chick was hot but when she turned around i thought to myself, thats tits
by miguelbhotohair December 27, 2007
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