Lame comeback used in a pinch when no other witty retort can be thought up
Tom:"You need a shower you smell like a steaming heap of quivering cunt yeast!" Bob:"Oh yeah well.... That's your mom!"
by ursquishy April 9, 2011
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The most versatile dis/comeback ever created in the history of your mom. Usually it has no effect or sense (especially when used in response to your mom or when you're talking to someone's mom), but it's hilarious when you use it right.
1. guy: Look at that fat kid!
guy #2: Holy shit! Is that your mom?!

2. guy: What's your favorite food?
guy #2: Your mom

3. teacher: John, how often does 35 + 34 = 69?
john: As often as I 69 your mom every Friday night.
teacher: John! Go to the office, I'm calling your mom!
john: No, I'M calling YOUR mom.
by That ballin' kid January 10, 2007
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Teacher: Why didn't you turn in your homework?
Me: Your mom.
Teacher: What do you think your doing, sleeping in class?!
Me:...Your mom.
Teacher: Any questions?
Me: Your mom... I mean, your mom?
by Violetownz January 18, 2008
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Why you should listen to the teacher in class.
(teacher finishes lecture)
Teacher: Okay now students, you may now begin your work.

Ben (whispering): Hey Chris, what are we doing?
Chris: Your MOM!!
by Nytesdawn October 30, 2012
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what you say to anyone who is insulting you, or if you just want to make them mad.
guy 1: you're gay.
guy 2: your mom's gay.
guy 1: dude, that doesn't make sense.
guy 2: your mom doesn't make sense.
by chicken flavored rice May 16, 2008
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When inserted into a generic sentence, this is guaranteed to add a hearty portion of sexual innuendo.
1. Nerd: "Stop, you guys!"
Jock: "That's not what your mom said last night!"

2. Repairman: "The TV needs to be turned on first."
You: "I think your mom needs to be turned on first."
by Derrick March 4, 2005
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