User of the phrase: is about to begin or is already in the process of joking about/ dissing the receiver of the phrase.

Synonym Phrase: I'm about to roast on you.

Somewhat of a taunt or gloat.
Example 1

Guy 1: "Hahaha! Is that fake Polo?"

Guy 2: "Oh you, tryna' roast? Bruh I'm on yo ass! Ol, high water, flipped collar, no dollar lookin' boy!"

Example 2

Guy 1: "That's what yo momma said when she left last night!"

Guy 2: "Shut up man! yeen funny!"

Guy 1: "Hahaha! Boy I'm on yo ass!"
by Zip Zack November 21, 2012
Getting shot by a preferably small bullet
Petey: Excuse me young Negro male, but may I stand here next to you with your "Crew" if you don't mind me saying.
D Jones: Nigga! You best back yo cracka ass off before I pulls out mah nine and cap yo ass, aight nigga?
by Big Nigga Johnson May 30, 2005
I toad yo ass
i toad yo ass
by kneegero November 6, 2019
An african-american style threat obtained on the account of insubordination often from parent to child (as well as other exchanges). It is not strictly limited to african-americans. Although it is usually just an empty threat used to express reproval, it very well can be followed by a severe beatdown or whoop. The whooping itself can be performed using accessories such as a belt.
O hell no, son, you better not eat that last piece of chicken or im gon' whoop yo' ass!

I heard you dropped outta school and gon' to jail. Thats my boy! But now i heard that you be foolin wid dose white boys! Come here, im gon' whoop yo' ass!
by mak2675 August 19, 2007
murder, assualt, strike on sight, beat down, slaughter, chop up, smash, whip cream em, break em off.
sittin at the red light, if i see ya i'm bringing violence, i'm ah bomb you ass, i'm a killa that moves in silence, i bring havoc thats detramental to anyones lifestyle, light skinned in a streak call em golden child. everytime i see you i'm gonna bomb yo ass, bomb yo ass, you a busta nigga you aint got no ghetto pass, got not ghetto pass.
by g thang December 2, 2006
a slang term used in many african american homes wich means come here now.
bring yo ass little nigga.(:
by rainasierra. January 18, 2008
a phrase used to describe how hard core you just beet some one or are planning to beat some one
by nick December 1, 2004