Sssniperwolf (Lia) has made this word. Meaning Unusual, and very funny. It has some spell binding and breaking of the constitution of the universe. It describes how something is totally unbelievable that Lia just has to say, "That's illegal!"
"What, a mean just bounced up his stairs on his head, that's illegal!"
by September 14, 2020
The act of being stupid or intolerable.
eg 1: Why is that guy being such an illegalism.

eg 2: Did you here how Trump was attacking orphans?

Yeah CNN said he was being an illegalism.

Did you
by moodmah February 28, 2017
When obese bitches wear tops/pants 5 sizes too small with their flab hanging out everywhere
*sees a fatass wearing tight clothing*

"*Shiver* That should be illegal"
by T1GEREYEZ July 5, 2005
when, after you sober up, what you felt was cool, actually has consequences.
When l got back from Vegas my bank said my account was overdrawn. That's illegal!
by Carlos Mack December 11, 2007
Any thing fun or good.
every thing fun is illegal, any more need to be said.
by Hoolyo Lugo June 6, 2009
When something is waaaay to gud to even be legal
Her ass is so fat its illegal , The car look so gud its illegal.
by KejuanFamous January 27, 2015
1. Something that is just not okay.
2. When an otherwise mentally sound person does something inconceivably retarded.
3. A person whos social ineptitude is rarely paralleled.
4. A person who wears socks and sandals and believes there is nothing wrong with it.
by Josh O'Neill May 14, 2007