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1. A "singer", who was first seen on the MTV show "My Super Sweet 16". In this episode, she invited a whole bunch of people in Harlem and all that crazy shit. Since then, she's been signed to Interscope Records and made a single called "Google Me", which showcases crappy graphics, and Teyana giving little boys and girls ice cream.

2. A word to describe any conceited, Black American Princess who has never stepped foot into a real hood.

3. A perfect example of what Oprah would look like in her late-teens, if she had bicycles, money, and hair grease.
Teyana Taylor: I'm the TEEN PRESIDENT!11!1!!!one

"YO! Teyana's party was awesome! Look at the bike she got for her birthday. A BIKE!!11!one"

"Wow, her party must have been great, it was the talk of Harlem! Too bad I couldn't see it. I wasn't invited! I was the one who gave her my pencil in Geography class!"
by TheTruthHurts08 March 26, 2008
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