Circa 2018, the entirety of the state of Texas can only be described as a blue collar hell hole.

The recent exodus of working class individuals and families from other urban blighted parts of the U.S. has caused Texas, a normally middle of the road place to live, to become yet another dead end location for anyone hoping to become the best version of themself.

The slow early 21st century death of Texas can be largely attributed to, or was at least initiated by, oil rig workers and the oil industry.

Relocators be warned; the only thing you are going to do upon moving to Texas is become a morbidly obese, stupid, underachieving, and underpaid version of yourself.

By 2022, Texas' new state motto will be "The mediocrity State; excellence is impossible when you are 80% body fat."

By 2024, Texas will surpass Florida in being the trash can of the Southern United States.
Person 1 in 2024: I'm thinking of moving to Texas. There's no state tax. I can make more money there.

Person 2 in 2024: There are also no labor laws. Ever been fired immediately after getting injured on the job? Employment is hard to find when you have a broken back and no right to legal representation. Stay where you are and get a second job.
by James R Clobum February 19, 2019
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Person 1: I'm moving to Texas next month. I need a career.

Person 2: Why are you moving to a third world country for a career? Move to Haiti while you're at it.
by James R Clobum April 29, 2020
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The biggest state that most people and especially kiddos believe in, not just for its slogan and jumbo versions of everything, but for how many geographers manipulate its size on maps.
by Zero2infinity November 29, 2018
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Where all the pretty bihhs be!
Guy1: Damn, she's hot!
Guy2: of course, she's from Texas
by Amyluv May 08, 2021
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