The greatest state there is, period. A great state that george bush has made the country and the world hate. Alot of people come on this website and talk shit about texas because of that george bush faggot. And as for the dumbass that said that hitler would have liked Texas he can kiss my ass. If that person (that probably watches mtv and has never been anywhere outside his home state) said that in Texas he would get his smart ass beaten repeatedly and mercilessly. Look beyond the blundering mistakes of george w and find the real texas.
That pansyfuck called texans ignorant so we beat his pompous ass and he was our BITCH!
by your mom February 27, 2005
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Easy. The greatest state in the union. Not all of us wear cowboy hats and ride horses. We have cars here ass holes. Although there is mostly wide open spaces with beautiful views of nothing but landscape there are a few big ass citied with more minorties than you can shale a stick at. We aren't all uneducated here despite what you may have heard from those Yankee ass holes or the stuck up californians. We say words like yall because it's the best easiest way to say you all! The people from the small towns are usually really nice unless it's some ass hole that moved here from California. The weather here in central Texas is very unpredictable except in the summer it's always fucking hot. We are the only state that can fly our flag level with the us flag which posses me off because Texas is above the united states. The day we succeed from the union is the day I live a happy man. We have alot of rivers here and we like breakfast tacos, the high school students usually like to smoke weed and party every weekend. Texas state university in san Marcos has the best parties but one in 4 women at Texas state has an STD. How could that happen if we only sleep with our sisters? The typical things said about Texas or texans are only said because the people either want to be a Texan or they wish there state could be half of what Texas is. Texas is so bad ass that ford advratizes everywhere that ford is the best in Texas, and if it's the best here it's the best anywhere. Do not move here, we do not like tourists. They drive really slow make us really mad with there pale white skin and jeasus sandals with socks.
I've been sent to spread the message Mmm god bless Texas!
Little Texas
by Carson F. Baby July 13, 2009
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Texas, everything is big in Texas.
Spongebob: *turns into Texas* "Hey Patrick, guess what I am?"
Patrick: "Stupid?"
Spongebob: "No, Texas!"
Patrick: "What's the difference?"
by thatoneguy442 February 05, 2014
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actually, the state flies its flag at the same height every other state flies their flag in regads to Ol Glory. Its socially acceptable to place it marching right of the American flag. (to the left of American flag to the general public)
by Get the facts right June 22, 2005
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State that asks residents to pledge allegiance to "Texas, one and indivisable", even though it is divisable by five according to the Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas and the Ordinance for Annexation.
Honor the Texas flag. I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisable.

New States of convenient size not exceeding four in number, in addition to said State of Texas and having sufficient population, may, hereafter by the consent of said State, be formed out of the territory thereof, which shall be entitled to admission under the provisions of the Federal Constitution.
by Elizabeth Tudor May 29, 2006
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-A very large state, indeed.
-Ask any child under eight there to draw the world and you will see them carefully outline the shape of texas.
-Home to the #1 and #2 most overweight cities in America, statistically ofcourse. sounds good.
-In 2004, half of all death penalties in the U.S took place in Texas.
-Just because the people of Texas are mainly responsible for George Bush's rise to the presidency, doesn't mean they are all like he is. However, Texas is a portion of the "Bible Belt" and is therefore overwhelmed by very conservative, religious, ignorant and change-averse people.
-Minorities, Liberals, and above all, Homosexuals beware of Texas.
-The majority of ALL U.S. hate-crimes are committed here.
-This does not apply to every person in Texas. However, take amoment and check out the posts made by its very own residents. I'd say it's applicable to most of them, as well as many people you meet from Texas.
-Texas truly deserves to be it's own country.
-Wait for the ignorant, bad-grammar, homophobic, lengthy, vulgar responses to this post-variations of the word "FAGGOT" are likely to be used. Watch how quickly and blindly these people stand up and fight for a their home state, with no factual evidence or support. Soon, some will recognize the validity of this definition.
by jay-son April 10, 2006
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1.)The southernest of southern states. Where our nation's most clueless president was raised. They act like they are tough but the north kicked their sister-fucking asses in the civil war. They still claim that the confedaracy is still alive, and thier right. They are now members of the KKK and the GOP. Of course you can't be in one without the other. Also after they stole land from Mexico, they get mad at them for trying to make a decent living in the greatest country in the world by stopping imigration

2.)Formerly known as the Lone Star state because nobody wanted them to be part of thier country.

3.)Where Brian Zahn, the gayest white boy on the earth was born

4.)They do make some pretty hot chicks though
Texan: Don't mess with Texas.
Northerner: I belive we already have.
by Chris March 12, 2005
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