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Texas Lonestars is a group of young women at the University of Texas dedicated to the three pillars of service, spirit, and sisterhood.

As our founders created it, Lonestars is an organization of bold, unique, and inspirational young women. Perhaps, what sets us apart from other organizations is the amazing relationships you will form with every member of our organization. In addition to forming life-long bonds with the other Lonestars, you will also have the opportunity to meet and network with a variety of new people all over campus. Through our many social activities, including: mixers with other organizations, Date Dash, Formal, Crush, and Boat Party, your social calendar will be full!

There is no exact formula of what a Lonestar should be, besides genuine, and these are the girls we strive to find.

Texas Lonestars provides a home away from home for its members. As our motto goes, “I didn’t come to college to meet my husband. I came to meet my bridesmaids.” We are an organization of not just UT students, but of best friends. We work hard, play hard—but most importantly we support each other through everything.
Wow! Look at her, classy and genuine, she must be a part of Texas Lonestars!
by TEXAS013 August 25, 2011
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A spirit organization that was founded on service, sisterhood, and spirit. Go through the recruitment process with caution. I'm not sure what criteria they judge a girl on because they will ask questions such as what are your passions or favorite memory. I'm not sure how someone can be judged based on questions like that. They say "be yourself"... but it seems like you can't. They look for a type of girl with a personality and interests that they rate as "best" for their group... whatever that may be.
Texas Lonestars is a judgemental group judging on who you are and your interests.
by !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. September 27, 2017
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