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Also known as “Texas shitty high school”, this shitty school has nothing but hoes and fuckboys constantly trying to get your pants. The school is mixed with either rednecks (for some reason they like to always park their big ass trucks near the cheveron side of the parking lot) , and a large portion of la marque kids who were sent over to TCHS to escape from LMHS,only to find something just as toxic. You will literally learn nothing from this school and the administration is autistic . They added trade classes because the school is so academically bad they have no hope in the kids making it into college. The school is also over crowded and they suck as sports. On the bright side , you could always eat at taqueria after school.
Texas City High school? You mean the place where no one tries but somehow kids graduate ?
by The Girl Reading This February 12, 2018
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