A Tesla (a stylish, technology-packed electric vehicle with hella torque and ludicrous acceleration).
Saweetie: Beep beep, is that my bestie in a Tessie?
by ayysouthtexas January 08, 2021
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the perfect girl. a gorgeous, kind girl.
every man would want to have. if you know a Tessie make your move now. A trustworthy girl. You would be very lucky to have a Tessie in your life and never let her go. She is a very smart and funny girl. She is also very outgoing and athletic. But don't get on her bad side. She is very loving and a beautiful girl.
Tessie is cool.
by will101 June 13, 2014
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Originally a broadway tune written in the early 1900s, became the fight song of the Boston Red Sox. It has recently been modernized by the Dropkick Murphys, it can be heard in the movie Fever Pitch and video game MVP Baseball 2005.
2, 3, 4 Tessie, 'nuff said McGreevey shouted, we're not here to mess around; Boston, you know we love you madly hear the crowd roar to your sound!
by OttSens4life April 10, 2005
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A sexy female baker. May or may not be found wearing cupcake pasties.
by Baconlord April 28, 2010
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An adjective used to describe someone who is EXTREMELY self center and can only think about themselves. You will most likely hate every moment you spend near them so watch out
“why are you being so self centered and talking so much about boys?” “omg i’m so sorry i’ve just been feeling a little tessie all day”
by Punanni123 November 27, 2019
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A grade 8 girl who hits on grade 5s, oh and she chased on 5 boys, major tattle tail too.
Wow Tessie is desperate
by Sidechick#34 April 24, 2018
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A Tessie is a student at Texas Woman's University. You will recognize us by our shared maroon and white colors between our long-standing brother school Texas A&M.

A Tessie is an Aggies dream woman. Texas A&M holds her in high esteem and can't wait for the two to tie the knot in the little chapel in the woods just like our alumni have done for generations.

Texas A&M's sister school has a long loving history together. You are proud of her.

"Let's go to Denton, Texas to meet our Tessie. They're the love of our life."

Aggie Grandchild:

"My grandfather was in Texas A&M Corps of Cadets and met his Tessie in her empire Denton, Texas. They are still head over heels for one another and take photos in front of Minerva on their anniversary."
by dentonaplacefullofsuckers October 13, 2020
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