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A crazy, left-wing, anti-patriotic, anti-security, anti-democratic, anti-anything that is dubbed 'good ol' fashion american' individual, that has been brain-washed by the liberal elite to believe that the topic of immigration, extreme vetting and securing our borders are anything but a matter of National Security.

These sad little simpletons believe that wanting to protect our borders are either anti-immigrant, fascist or racist when that couldn't be furthest from the truth. They have accepted the tenets of 'Globalism' and believe that America should be a country with no borders and believe that the threats of terrorism and terrorists actually infiltrating our 'Refugee' system is not possible, when it's been confirmed that the Refugee system has in fact been infiltrated in the past.

No matter what you say, no matter what facts are presented, they refuse to believe the truth. These ass-backward snowflakes are known as 'Terrorist Candy (aka Dumb-ass Liberals)'.
Hey Bro, I just don't get it. It was under the OBAMA Administration that the head of the FBI stated that we have NO WAY to properly vet these refugees and that they have in fact infiltrated our Refugee system. WTF is wrong with people? Why don't they understand this?

Man, don't even waste your time, you're dealing with Terrorist Candy (aka Dumb-ass Liberals). They only believe what they want, no matter what facts you present to them. They're the first ones to bend-over to terrorist. Terrorist candy AKA DUMB-ASS LIBERALS.
by BADDMOFO January 31, 2017
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