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The guy that looks at you through the gap in a public bathroom stall while your trying to shit.
That fucking terd burglar smelled the toilet seat after I took a shit at Taco Bell.

Get away from the door you goddamn terd burglar, Im trying to shit in here.
by super tech January 25, 2006
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the person who tries to shake the stall door open at the restroom while you're trying to float a crap flounder
Some terd burglar was trying to get in on me as I tried to float a crap flounder.
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
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That kid, Jonathan, from "Who's the Boss" is a straight up terd burglar. Robble, robble. Cagobble, cagobble.
by Phil Kuntz December 02, 2002
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A person who steals the possesions of others and leaves a single terd in its place.
After being hit by a terd burglar, Steve found a single shit where his stereo had been.
by Nolan Smart December 04, 2005
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one who steals turds from another mans ass. fucking sick!!!!!
" see that dude over there, yeah, he's a turd burglar"
by masshole617 June 16, 2004
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sleep with your ass against the wall! Here comes the turd burgler! Holey fudge packer! Watch your ass! exit only!
by turd swiper July 26, 2003
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