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The thing teenagers do when they don't get their way. Usually, its defined by a slouch, hands in the pockets, head to the side defiantly (or sometimes looking up or down), and a scowl on your face. In some cases, the scowl can be a pout. In dramatic cases (when guilting someone into giving in or if the teen is sensitive/p.m.s-ing) tears can be followed by this scowl or pout.

Also called the "Teen Scowl", "Sulking", "Moping", and other things like that.

Not always done with a maniplutive purpose, sometimes just because a teen is upset. Does not have to be a teenager, by the way, can sometimes be older or younger but not considered very mature.
After Suzie's mom refused to let her go to the mall, Suzie threw a Teenage Fit until her mom changed her mind.

Danny was upset and distracted because his girlfriend dumped him, but the teacher wouldn't give him a break. Unconciously, he started to throw a Teenage Fit.

Amy's dad is so childish. He's 42 and he still throws Teenage Fits. Wow.....
by ThatLittleTeenGirl August 24, 2011
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