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Teenage Dirtbag.
+Often one who lives in filth, but one whose personal hygenic levels are acceptable.

+Often "Geeky", "Nerdy", "Losery" and sometimes Distant.

+Usually Reserved/Mysterious.

+Best friend tends to be a computer.

+Skin is pale because Most of spare time is spent inside, away from the sun.

+Has own style of clothing or takes bits and pieces from other stereotypes (i.e. punk, metalhead, goth, ect.)

+Likes Alternative music, but mostly metal.

+Has an "I Don't Give a Flying Fuck About What You Think of Me" Attitude

+Placid unless provoked.

+Often said to be a "Disturbed Geek"
Prepy Skank: "You are suck a Teenage Dirtbag. Where are all your friends? Oh Wait i forgot. You don't have any. Oh My God! Your shoes don't even match!"
Dirtbag: "Does it look like i care?"
by Justin Sane July 10, 2004
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song by wheatus, the most sweet band ever.

Teenage dirtbags are those kids who listen to Iron Maiden and metallica and don't shower. also, usually don't have any friends.
Devon: I hear Riley's getting her 4th abortion this year.
Ryan: Whatta teenage dirtbag.
by Devon Lane! March 09, 2005
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