(v.) To greet another person in an excessive manner while maintaining one's masculinity. Usually consists of a greeting (see sup) followed by various low-fives and handshakes. Often includes a thug hug.

Term originates from the 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox, particularly the scene where Fox's werewolf character arrives at high school and basks in his newfound popularity. As he walks down the hallway he is greeted with great enthusiasm by various jocks, stoners, valley girls and a breakdancer.
Tom must know everyone at that club, he was teenwolfed by like eight people when he arrived.
by Wulfgar January 17, 2007
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When the guys has a broad who is not putting out, you cum on her face and then cut your pubes and sprinkle them on the jizz, leaving her as a teen wolf.
Yea that ho wasn't doing shit, so I teen wolfed that cunt.
by AustinKnepp November 15, 2007
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An extremly hairy bitch. Teenwolf likes to crash parties and sneak into hotel rooms to flash her throwed ass snatch to unsuspecting bro's. she prowls spring break beaches at night. If spotted in a bakini during the day, permenant life scaring is garunteed. Teenwolf can usually be found with a Boogawolf close by. Teenwolf will fuck you to death if she gets the chance. The best deffence against the Teenwolf is a locked door.
So there we were in Panama City and out of no where, Teenwolf busted in and pulled out her ratted ass twat. Nearly choked on my beer.
by Moe Miggins July 30, 2008
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Two dudes going in a room alone together to hide from their friends the fact that they are getting it on.
"Oh hey man don't go in there. John Stamos and Horatio Sanz are watching "Teen Wolf".
by RACY March 01, 2009
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To be far better than or to humiliate one's opponent at a physical event
"I Teenwolfed that motherfucker all over the court today," or "I will Teenwolf your ass any day at (insert challenge of your choice).
by Grady F January 17, 2009
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thats where you blow one on your partners then you run your fungers through your pubes and collect any loosens. then sprinkle em on his/her face and they will stick kinda resembling a teen wolf
after i gave her a teen wolf. she tried to surf on top of my car on the way home.
by Twizzle my nizzle February 06, 2009
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A teen wolf is a person who likes to act and "dress" like a wolf. Teen wolfs are not Therians because they do not spiritually connect to a wolf. They are also not teen wearwolfs because they so not have the emo/goth look to them. Teen wolfs wear furry tails and sometimes neacklesses with a tooth or teeth on them. They wear collars as well. They run in packs to and have territorys just like a wolf would. They meet under full moons and howl. You could be a teen wolf when ever you would like :)
by alien star boy August 02, 2017
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