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Something that truly exists that not many people find. Yes, it is true. Teens can fall in love and it can last. Don't doubt it, because I am a witness to this. This kind of relationship is special. The people in this relationship are not in it because they are desperate, or just to have sex. They sincerely love and care about each other. They are more mature than other people. They don't care about looks either. They go past the appearance of people and find someone meant for them.
Me & my boyfriend
My history teacher and his wife (he's 23ish) (Teen love is real because he's been with his wife for 8 years and they just got married over the summer)
by 14LabLover41 October 25, 2011
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something that happens in summer. feels real, and you know for sure it is. but its not, cos everyone tells you ' oh that wont last a week - you'll get over him/her sooner or later.' except it doesnt last a week. it lasts ages. months. even years. and when you do break up with them, you never do get over them. teen love IS love. shouldnt be called teen love. but it is seeing as adults 'know' (or i should say assume) that it isnt real love and the teenagers dont experience any of the feelings you do when you fall in love.
Her: omg i cant fucking stop thinking about him
Her mom: yeah.
Her: i sit up all night waiting for him 2 call
Her: i just cant describe it.. feels like ive died and gone to heaven
Her mom: teen love, i see. darling you will be on to another boy next week!
by hollyxzz June 07, 2006
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An oxymoron.

Seriously people. Romeo and Juliet was a story.
13 year old girl- I've only been going out with (boy's name) for 2 hours, but I really love him and we're going to be 2 gether 4 ever!
Older wiser person- Get a hold of yourself. You're actin' a fool.
13 year old- But I--
Older person- SH! Teen love doesn't exist. Don't argue. Go play with your Barbies.
by Kirbiet March 15, 2008
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