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A newly arising social class in high school and collage. This social class includes the people that are living Watch Dogs for real. If you need somthng hacked or messed with they are your guy.
Have you seen the new guy he is a real Techno Freak
by TheCartographer September 30, 2014
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Somewhat like technogeek, a person who is obsessed with the latest technology, and everything techno-y, (music, clothing, etc), while still being able to straddle the line between nerd/geek and normal person, with a reasonalbe social life. They are also extremely adept at new technologies and are usually able to complete really complex technological things without becoming too unbalanced. Usually has a nostalgia for the 90's rave scene, even if they weren't involved in it.
Person A: You have a 4,500 gamerscore on xbox live, but youre still able to go out to see '300' with us on fri???
Person B: Yep
Person: Wow, you're such a technofreak!
by TehFutureIsNow March 17, 2007
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