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A Teaspoon Sugarpenis is the most desirable of the Sugarpenis Trinity. It weighs in at approximately 13 lb., and is an average of 3 inches long. But what makes the Teaspoon Sugarpenis stand out, is its 15 inch diameter and ability to produce exact teaspoon portions of sperm at a time. This ability is used by jizzyologists to measure portions of sperm to feed to cows and pigs. However, the main reason the Teaspoon Sugarpenis indeed so desirable to the average female, is due to its living consciousness and ability to feel pain, emotion, and sing soulful, sensual R&b ditties. Also, deep doop badompo claus is the kwanza santa claus.
My nigga Tom Speedo Johnsonson has a Teaspoon Sugarpenis. He has had sex with five of my dearest family members. I wish I were Tom Speedo Johnsonson...
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by pee man with xray vision December 27, 2017
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