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A team that shows up to partys and out drinks everyone at the party. They also don't stop drinking till they pass out thus Team Blackout. Every Team may have a different set of guidelines to become a team member. Team Blackout is also well rounded in all drinking games.
Party goer " Yo Team Blackout showed up, looks like the keg is gonna be kicked real quick tonight."
by Chris Rochinni March 23, 2009
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when a group of heavy drinkers has one goal in mind: blackout or back out - they only wear black shirts
A: You guys go hard.
B: Team Blackout never backs out.
by jdgonzalez3 April 19, 2011
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A rap group which features Rev Run from RUN DMC's son JoJo.

Very commercial, and nothing special.
every other rap group.Team Blackout is commercial, and just in it for the money.
by Donnz October 24, 2008
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