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Adj. Verb. Noun. pronoun(Ti-boarg)

A term used to tell someone their mistakes, to say to someone in general.
A way to greet someone, equally to Dawg.
Also a common name in an Eastern European country, means beautiful princess, the country of origin probably doesn't exist anymore....
1)Dude! you dropped the soap?? Your a Teaboürg..... -_-
2)you failed that spelling test.... you stupid Teaboürg
3)That was so teaboürg
4)That's a Teaboürg color
5)What's worse than an Epic Fail?, an Teaboürg Fail
6)Teaboürg!!!! what's up
7)I love you Teaboürg ;)
9) Hey Teaboürg, you look like a princess today
10) Hey Beautiful, you look hot Teaboürg
by Mr.Mullen October 26, 2010
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